Ranger Gear Credit Card Survival Multi-Tool

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Did you know that people standing ten feet from you can steal data from the RFID chips now found on credit cards, IDs, passports and even drivers licenses? RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) data can be invisibly stolen from you at a distance, through the air. In fact, starting with 2006, all US passports have RFID chips installed, potentially exposing everyone with a passport to RFID theft and tracking.

There is now a simple (and stylish!) way of protecting your data and identity from high-tech thieves. The Ranger Gear RFID blocking wallet is a fashionable accessory that offers RFID blocking protection for all your credit cards, bank cards, passport, ID card and drivers license. The wallet is engineered with an electromagnetic shielding material that blocks RFID transmissions. Simply place any card or ID document containing an RFID chip inside this wallet and enjoy "bulletproof" protection against RFID theft and tracking. We make it easy for you to keep your identity safe!​