Ranger Gear Folding Credit Card Knife (Economy Edition)

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Almost like magic, you can transform this "credit card" into a functioning knife, with dozens of practical applications in everyday life or emergency situations.

Like a credit card, it fits comfortably in your wallet, but concealed inside is a 65mm polished stainless steel blade. When carefully folded according to instructions, the blade locks into position with a sturdy handle, and can be easily folded back and locked into its original safety position. Ruggedly designed, it can stand up to a lifetime of repeated uses.


  • Carries like a credit card
  • Folds into a functioning knife
  • Polished Stainless Steel 65mm Blade
  • Blade lock safety mechanism
  • Extremely portable
  • Easy to store in a wallet


  • Read directions before assembling
  • Handle with care, extremely sharp
  • Not sterilized, not for surgical use
  • Small parts pose choking hazard for children
  • Remove from your possession before entering secure areas (such as airports); it may be considered a concealed weapon by law enforcement

Exercise extreme caution, as blade is extremely sharp!